Short Confession before a Spiritual Father


I confess to the Lord my God and before you, reverend father, all my countless sins, which I have committed before this day and hour: by deed, word and thought. Every day and every hour I sin by being ungrateful to God for His great and countless blessings and His gracious providence for me the sinner.

I HAVE SINNED BY: idle talk, judging, disobedience, pride, mercilessness, envy, anger, slander, inattentivness, not working on my salvation, negligence, irresponsible, rudeness, irritability, despair, returning evil for evil, meanness, defiance, complaining, self-justification, contradiction, self-will, blaming others, evil talk, lying, laughter, temptation, selflove, love of honor, gluttony, excess in food and drink, vainglory, laziness, acceptance of impure thoughts and attitudes, accumulation of material things, not attending church due to laziness and not caring, distraction of thoughts during church and home prayers, by deed, word, thought, sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and other spiritual and physical senses. I am repenting all my sins and asking for forgiveness.

(Here you have to tell about other sins that you have on your conscience).

I also repent and ask for forgiveness for everything, that I did not confess because of my many sins and forgetfulness.

My reverend father, forgive and absolve me of my sins, and bless me that I may have communion of the Holy and Life-giving Christ Mysteries for the remission of sins and eternal life.

This confession is a short excerpt from the Full Confession by St. Dimitry, Metropolitan of Rostov, who thought it to be very useful not only for Church Confession (in the Mystery of Repentance), but also for the use at home. Great Russian man of podvig (spiritual heroic deed), ascetic and man of prayer St.Dimitry with all the strength of his Archipriest zeal convinces us that we should all, without putting it off, read this confession daily, after evening prayers, before going to sleep, and on its basis make daily careful check and strict examination of our conscience and all our deeds, words and thoughts.