A mosque for cats? Imam opens his mosque up for the stray felines of Istanbul

One cat liked the mosque so much, she brought her kittens in one-by-one, by the scruffs of their necks

Istanbul is famed for the stray cats which prowl its streets and crouch in its corners.

This is to such a great extent that the city has come to be known by someas 'Catstantinople'.

While they may be pleasant to look at, the cats don't always have a saucer of food and a warm place to sleep.

A kind Imam has decided to remedy this by opening up his mosque to the stray cats and kittens, so they can eat and safely rest their heads away from the perils of the outdoors.

Imam Mustafa Efe calls the cats "guests" of the mosque, and they've made themselves quite at home.

They sit down on the plush carpets as worshippers pray around them, and one cat likes it there so much, she decided to raise her kittens in the building.

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