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You can live without smoking


            There is an opinion that quitting smoking is hard and difficult task, that after stopping smoking you will constantly think about smoking, live with constant wish to smoke and feel that you have lost something. There is spoken, that even after a long abstinence a single cigarette will be a beginning smoking, and all your efforts become equal to 0.

            This is not true. This is only a cruel tail, which is useful to peoples who are interested in your smoking. If you wish, you can quit smoking without any difficulties. If you like

            The doctors with a great experience say:” Don’t quit smoking at once, but reduce the number of cigarettes, smoked a day. (0 -- 10 cigarettes per day). Such method gives you some important advantages.

            1. You will not have physiological stress (that is tied with the absence. of different substances contained in cigarettes’ smoke), and you will not become irritable and nervous.

            2. You should not think that,” It’s for all my life! It will be the last cigarette! I must do this! But how hard it is! Why must I do this today? ......tomorrow ........ next

week ....... month....” You don’t need in any preparations, and can start the process right now.

            3. You will not have a reason to blame yourself, if you hat smoked a cigarette, but there are a lot of opportunities to praise yourself, where you are not smoking.

            4. You never lose in this affair, you always win! Even if you have smoked only one cigarette less a day you have a little victory.


            Naturally the process of reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day will be not simple (see fig. 1), however the number of cigarettes smoked per day will be decreasing. There is some recommendation (or rules) which help you to reduce number of cigarette smoked.

            1. Smoke only if you really want to smoke. (If somebody says to you “Would you like a cigarette?”- You always can answer: ”Oh! No! Thank you! I just threw out one! I am full of smoke!” But if you really want to smoke, please do.

            2. Do not smoke when you are doing something. (For example: if you are driving, going somewhere, watering the flowers). If you want to smoke, please do, but stop other actions.

            3. Do not smoke in the particular places such as in the car, in a bedroom, in the kitchen. If you want to smoke, please do, but change the place.

            4. Do not smoke in the presence of particular people (eg. one of your neighbours, teachers, one of your relatives). And if you want to smoke, please do, but change their company.

            5. Do not smoke at a particular time (eg.  Do not smoke before breakfast). If you want to smoke you can postpone other things till after you breakfast, get you breakfast immediately, but don’t smoke before meals.

            6. You can invent other rules and/or make the exiting ones tougher.

            7. The best time for adding new rules or strengthening the existing ones is when some conditions of your life are changing. (Eg. vaccination, travelling, even usual holidays).

            8. Commend yourself. (E g. you have eaten your breakfast and can take your first cigarette in this day. Say to yourself:” Oh! How smart I am, how beautiful I am without cigarette!”) Fill that you are winner.

            9. You can change the smoking from nothing to do for any harmless action.

 (I roiled a chestnut in my hand).  Soon you will agree that it is close the same for you.


            It could be noted that most of smokers stick to the five rules, described above.

            1. If you are working, and the work is interesting or demand a lot of attention, you can avoid smoking during two or three hours. You forget about cigarettes. (You smoke only if you really want to smoke.)

            2. You are not smoking where you are going up the hill, usually nobody smoke when they chew a chewing gum. (Only one done.)

            3. You never smoke in church, usually you do not smoke in trams, trains, buses, and some do not smoke in bedroom. (Particular places.)

            4. Most of boys and girls do not smoke when they are around their parents or teachers. (Particular people.)

            5. Many people do not smoke before breakfast. (Particular time.)


                          My own experience. (Smoker with 45 years experience)


            1. Decreasing the number of cigarettes smoked per day from 20-30 to 8-12 in 30 days.

            2. Decreasing the number of cigarettes smoked per day to 4-6 for 2 days (I was flying from Moscow to Melbourne.

            3. Decreased numbers of cigarettes smoked in a day to 1 for 1 or 2 weeks. (While moving house and renovation.)

            4. When we were travelling on holidays I did not smoke for 5 days and did not felled any discomfort.

            5. For the last 3 month I have been smoking 2-5 cigarettes per week. Usually I smoke one cigarette in the evening, but sometimes I forgot to do this.

            6. Naturally there were a days, weeks or month pauses between the points 1-5, but this did not worry me.

            7. Now I did not feel any discomfort without smoking.



Addition (After 6 or 7 month)       

During the last two (or three) months I am not smoking, and really not filling any need in cigarettes.  I did not think about the smoke stopping, but one day my cigarettes just have finished, and it was too lazy for going for cigarettes.                      . 


Addition (After 1or 1.5 years)

Now usually I don’t smoke, but sometimes once in a month, may be more often or seldom in company I can smoke, but usually after first sighter I find that it didn’t give any fun for me, and if I smoke more, I feel disgusting.   


Dmitry Belogurov